The Congregational Federation in Wales — what is it?
The Congregational Federation in Wales is a Christian Denomination whose Churches use the English language for worship. They are situated mainly in South and East Wales. It has a very friendly relationship with the Welsh-speaking Congregational Denomination, Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg.

The CF in Wales is an autonomous part of the Congregational Federation in the UK and through that body is in association with the Council for World Mission (CWM), the Conference of European Churches, and the International Congregational Fellowship. In Wales, it is a member of the Free Church Council of Wales and of CYTÛN (Churches Together in Wales).

Officers of the Congregational Federation in Wales:

  • Chairwoman: Mrs. Moira Davies
  • Immediate Past Chairman: Reverend Martin Spain
  • President: Mr. Frank Beynon
  • Immediate Past President: The late Rev. Len Inman
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  • Treasurer: Mrs. Sue McFarlane
  • Church Support Workers: Mrs. Carys Butler and Mrs. Arlette Frampton
  • Area Carer: Rev. Brian Stamps
  • Mission and Society: Mrs. Carys Butler and Dr. Colin Brown
  • Christian Ministry: Dr. Colin Brown and Rev. Steve Richards
  • Pastoral Care Board: Rev. David Lampard
  • Youth Representative: Mr. Marc Williams
  • Children's Work Co-ordinator: Rev. Steve Richards
  • Women's Auxiliary: Mrs. Moira Davies
  • CYTUN Council: Rev. Chris Gillham
  • Free Church Council: and Pastor C. Hodges B.A.